Yoga, yoga yoga... I'm not sure if I found it or if yoga found me, but it was a right time, right place, thankful beyond words kind of discovery.  As an avid soccer player and triathlete, also came injuries- plenty of them.  After my 5th knee injury I knew it was time to hang up my cleats, but couldn't give up that high intensity, mind-clearing work out.  Everyday, I walked by a yoga studio, and everyone would come out smiling and so calm, so one day I decided to go in and see what this yoga business was about.  I was instantly hooked.  Every class I maintained my breath and balance on my mat just a little bit longer.  I learned that it isn't always about faster, harder, stronger, but with stillness of the mind through breath work and intentional movement, I slowly began to control my thoughts instead of letting my thoughts control me.  Inside this wonderful room, I danced (or I felt like I was dancing) from one pose to the next without judgment from anyone around me or my instructor.  Suddenly I realized I also maintained my breath and balance off of my yoga mat... crazy how that works huh?  I love to learn and expand anyway I can, and in 2015 I completed my 200-RYT training at Spark Yoga in Arlington, VA. 

In 2016 I completed an 85-hour immersion for pre and post-natal yoga at Golden Bridge Yoga in Santa Monica, CA with Gurmukh.  I learned the beauty of refining and slowing down my own yoga practice through meditation and gentle movements.

I create sequences that are challenging, strengthening, and explore possibility through strength and ease currently at two studios.  I can't wait to share my practice with you, and allow your practice into my own.

CATCH ME ON MY MAT (GROUP CLASSES) - **all HOT heated to about 95 degrees**

What even is a sun salutation?  How do I balance on my hands?  I am not flexible enough for yoga... trust me I've heard it all and I've been there!  Are you searching for more one-one-one time for your practice? I offer in-home private and small group yoga sessions.

As you prepare for one of the most beautiful blessings, child birth, movement and meditation become imperative for the mind+body connection.  Create space for your growing child as you take time for yourself to connect with your little one.  Getting ready to get back into the swing of yoga after child birth?  I offer private (in home) pre and postnatal yoga classes.