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Mindful Living: Navigating Food Cravings Part I

Can you imagine what it might be like to walk past the bowl of candy at work and not even think twice? How about WANTING to choose a side salad as opposed to the French fries at your favorite restaurant? Let's face it, sometimes choosing the "less healthy" option is something our bodies are communicating to us, but what if you had some tools in your belt to decrease the frequency of your cravings and combat them when they do arise? Join Jess and I on our new Mindful Living webinar series with Navigating Food Cravings, Part 1, aimed at capturing how we can bring more awareness and attention toward the types of foods our bodies crave, why we crave them, and how to add in natural methods to overcome these cravings.  

Friday, 1/26 at 12:00 PM, FREE webinar- can't make it live?  No problem, we will send out the recording afterwards.  Click here to reserve your spot!

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