~I like to move it move it~

I recently just spend time with my family outside of New York City.  As what usually happens, many health questions arise, “Lindsey how do you feel about ______ food?”  “Is Ice cream REALLY that bad?”  “What are your thoughts about going to the gym?  Don’t you think EVERYONE needs to go like you do?”


While I have many opinions on foods I’ll leave that for another post (or another twenty posts).  Here’s the honest truth.  I work out (Yoga, Orange Theory, Running) because I LOVE IT.  For me, although a high intensity exercise, it makes me feel calm and it gets me out of my own head (if not crazy thoughts really begin to build up in there, anyone else?)!  I also enjoy meditating and slower movements when I prioritize that time for myself.  As a by-product, yes, working out is amazing for your overall health.  Having said all of that, I don’t believe that working out in the way that serves me, is for everyone.  If you DREAD it, don’t do it!  I have also recently become more interested in blood type, and activities/foods that support each person. Click here to find out what kinds of activities support your blood type!


What are your favorite go-to exercises?  I’d love to hear your thoughts, click here to leave a comment on the blog!  Looking to find more inspiration and ideas?  Click here to schedule a free 20-minute session with me to brainstorm ideas together. 

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