The evolution of yoga, in my opinion

“Yoga is not about touching your toes, it’s about what you learn on the way down.”- Judith Hanson Lassiter


Patanjali, came up with and recorded the yoga sutras.  Currently the internet has really changed and evolved what yoga is.  Yoga, in itself, means to “yoke” literally “to herd” or really to mix, as in mixing the connection of body and mind.  Currently, if you search yoga on any social media realm, you see flows of beautiful humans in handstands and gracefully floating effortlessly into Hanumasana (monkey pose or splits)!  Instead of thinking that could be me (I mean, it could be me, not this lifetime, but one day) we so quickly forget our journey to get to that “pose” or asana.  What about the first time we correctly lowered into a low pushup, or the first time we activated our hands and finger pads so much that one toe ALMOST lifted off the ground in crow pose! 

Asana is used interchangeably with the word “pose” although the word asana actually means “seat” so to sit in a position and be relaxed (as said by Patanjali himself).  It’s about the connection of your movement and your breath (not anyone else's) so that you are able to keep that sleek, effortless feel off of the mat when guess what, you get a case of the Mondays (you guys get that too right?) or instead of being a "yes" man you are able to confidently say no thank you.  Yoga is the intentional movement, that often yes, creates heat, and in doing so allows the mind to disregard anything but what presently is in front of you through breath.  Yoga is the NOW, it is not the yesterday’s, the should haves, or the I’ll do tomorrow’s.  Yoga is the day 1 looking around lost and confused, barley being able to fold forward, to the day 1000 mind staying calm, meditative stance breath in and breath out, but still at times lost and confused within one's on mind.  These pictures and videos, that seriously are truly breath taking and amazing, are often the billionth try to get the perfect shot (speaking only from personal experience).  Alexandria Crow published an amazing, spot on article, about yoga,  and it’s true meaning, and definition.  Yoga, it is a changing, and to me, I love the exhilaration of going upside down, and as you can see in the picture above, on the millionth take, I was able to capture that split second of my yoga in that day.  I however, also enjoy a deep forward fold, and let's be honest, savasana...... so I invite you, be PROUD of your journey, wherever that is today and right now.  What are your thoughts on yoga?. Let me know what you think below!