Limitless Confidence

Confidence – what would you do if you had limitless confidence?  Not in an arrogant, head above the clouds ego-driven confidence, but a grounding, strong self of self, capable of anything kind of confidence?  What a loaded question!  So many options… for me, if I have limitless confidence (a work in progress) I’d quit my 9-5, do so much yoga, stop worrying about the puzzle pieces of my life fitting together to complete perfection. 

Instead of pondering this question, these decisions, I decided to TAKE action.  I did the first on my list, quit my 9-5, dedicating my time 100% to my passions- yoga, healthy eating, and helping others achieve their fitness and wellness goals.  I realized as I made this shift into wellness, everything else began to fall into place.  These “puzzle pieces” that were the jigsaw of my life were not meant for perfection… they were meant for messy, soulful, lively discussions and FEELING every single day rather than going through the motions to check off each box with it’s completion.

As I dropped the “should do’s” and exuded confidence that if I am open to the universe, the universe is ready for my being.   As you stand on your own two beautiful feet every day begin to feel the shift in energy you create.  Here are a couple daily practices I use to up my confidence.  What is something you can do to give yourself a boost?  I can’t wait to hear!

·         Smile and make contact with every single person you come in contact with for one day

·         POSTURE- stand up straight and proud (if we stand with our shoulders hunched over, our heart it is closed off to those around us)

·         Do something one time per week that you don’t typically do – try a different work out, a different walk home, strike up a conversation instead of waiting to be spoken to!


“What if I fall, oh, but my darling, what if you fly?”-Erin Hanson