Sometimes even a Health Coach needs a Coach


I debated if I should share this with everyone.  You know those thoughts that we drill through our heads when we are in fear:  “What will everyone think of me if I am honest?”  “Does all of my trust go out of the window?”  However, I decided, how FAKE of me to keep the truth to myself!  So here's the deal- the past few weeks I have felt like a total sucker to Imposter Syndrome

Recently, my coaching has led me (and I'm so excited) to hold classes, discussions, and even a series on mindful eating.  However, as of late, after almost every meal, I felt completely bloated, heavy, and wanting more.  I fell asleep easily enough, but the snooze button became my best friend and I woke up exhausted.  My food allergies seemed to be creeping back up on me, even if I had the smallest bit of anything “not clean.”  The worst part, I had CRAZY food cravings!  SUGAR, SUGAR, SUGAR!  I mainly stuck to the natural sweeteners (raw honey, 100% maple syrup) but it was never enough!  I was overwhelmed, frustrated, and did not really know what else to do because I make the RIGHT food choices, 85% of the time, and it didn't matter.

This week I checked in with my holistic nutritionist.  While I knew something was off, I couldn’t completely put my finger on it, and I really needed someone else to help me out and hold me accountable.  Turns out, I somehow contracted a parasite!  Pause.  I know.  Parasites. Are. GROSS.  After I had a very, very, small pity party thinking that someone as health conscious as myself could ever host this disgusting thing, I decided to hop on board and get RID OF IT.  A few supplements, and a bit more conscientiousness on my end of diet and exercise, and I am confident that shortly, this parasite will be GONE! 

The whole point of this graphic story is that I knew in my gut, something was OFF.  Does that ever happen to you?  I felt crazy, but I just needed someone who understood me to confirm what was going on.  And, even though I help others achieve health goals, sometimes, even people like me also need a little guidance and accountability.  Once I talked about it with my holistic nutritionist, and we decided together on recommendations and the why behind them, I immediately felt that a weight was lifted.  I left his office feeling empowered, strong, and ready to make a few small changes.  Now, I feel that my mindful eating series is THAT much more meaningful.  

I am excited to host a few workshops coming up this month and in early January!  Plus, making these shifts in my health and well-being leads to positive change.  So, with my newfound knowledge, I know it is my responsibility to do my part to feel and operate as my most authentic self.  

If you have questions about your health journey, I’d love to chat more with you!  Click here to book your complimentary 20-minute clarity call!  Plus, with the holidays here in front of us, who couldn’t use a little pick-me-up?  Be sure to grab your spot soon, as these calls have been filling up quickly!

P.S.  interested in parasites?  Here is a list of possible side effects when you do contract a parasite!  Yuck and WOW at the same time, right?

To your health and happiness,