Exercise, the good, the bad, and the ugly

Guess what I did this morning?  My alarm went off.  Get in a yoga class before I head to New York.  That voice in my head. DON’T. YOU. DARE. MISS. A. WORKOUT.  Anyone else get that message when you’ve hit snooze one too many times, are to comfy to change and leave your apartment, or stay at work too late to get to that sweat sesh?  I LOVE to work out.  The feeling when you have physically and emotionally pushed yourself to the limit, and hey, maybe you even see results?  Well guess what?  I pressed snooze, I got 2 extra hours of sleep, and I have shifted my thinking around exercise.  Instead of relying on working out to stay healthy, I work out because, for me, I love to move!  However, now a days, a LARGE portion of my health depends on my food choices and taking care of ME instead of being dictated on my gym schedule.

Do you love, hate or have a love/hate relationship with the gym?  Wherever you fall on the spectrum, I’ve got BIG news.  You can work out until you are blue in the face, but if you are not replenishing your body with the appropriate foods and nutrients, your belly bloat is NOT going ANYWHERE! 

I hear it almost everyday, “IF I just work out more than I will _______.”. Let’s put it this way, consider 350 extra calories of drinks from Happy Hour and 350 calories burned from a high intensity work out.  One cancels the other out, right?  Well… not really.  First of all, if you are trying to lose weight, even if you add in workouts, you really don’t need to change how much you are eating.  You should eat until you are about 70-80% full.  And with that, I mean 70-80% full off of WHOLE REAL FOODS.  Much of our issues around food and weight are the stories and experiences we have had or make up, and have LITTLE to do with our physical activity level.

Before you think I am saying it’s OK to be stagnant, which is NOT my intent, let’s look at SOME of the benefits to sweating it out:  it reduces the risk of diabetes, promotes heart health, can have added sleep benefits, can provide mental clarity, and MUCH more.  But, in my opinion, and according to this well-written article, exercise can help us get on the right track, but it will NOT prevent weight gain.  As a society we are moving more, but obesity rates KEEP rising. 

Now that I’ve turned your world and thinking upside, down, (sorry, not sorry) NOW WHAT, right?  Look at your plate, look at your food choices.  What are they doing for you?  Are you zipping through your meals to move on to the next work task?  Running off to fast food to “save” time and money?  Have you ever given 30 seconds of mindfulness or though as to what you are nourishing your body with?  If your answer is NO, don’t worry give yourself a break, start NOW, let’s chat!  If your answer is yes, but you are still confused and frustrated, let’s chat!  What are your thoughts on movement and how it ties to your weight?  Click reply and let me know!

Here’s to YOU!