The Silence in My Chaos

Recently I’ve had a TON of interactions with friends and aquaintances that say, “Hey! I see your stuff online, you are taking over the world, one yoga pose at a time” or, “Hey, Namaste girl (input hands in prayer and bow)!”  I’ve even gotten, “I love your yoga posts, how do I go upside down?”


It is SUPER inspiring to hear any feedback, at all, that means you all see my stuff that I post, right?   Here is my truth on yoga and my practice.  But first of all, let’s get something straight.   Despite that voice inside of your head, you are absolutely PERFECT the way you are, without going upside down and even without deepening your splits.  To me, all of that stuff, the flexibility, the hang time, the twists and backbends, they are ALL just a SIDE effect of what yoga really is to me.  Yoga comes from the work “to yoke” or to join/couple together.  Yoga is a connection of my movement with my breath.  That means, no phone calls, no text messages, no Instagram notifications, NO distractions…. Except for the ones of course I create in my always-busy mind.  Yoga most importantly means no room for thoughts of doubt in any area of my life. 


When I am concentrating on flowing and moving in accordance to my breath, I (this science stuff applies to everyone) cannot pay attention to anything else, my (our) brains just do not work like that, pretty cool huh?!  After I practice I typically find a place of clarity and calmness that surrounds my day, and I get further and further away from nonsense chaos that would otherwise take over my thoughts.  I also notice when I let life “get in the way” and I stray away from my daily movements I am less patient, more closed off, and just do not feel like the strongest version of me! 


As my yoga practice became my routine, my breath and temperament become more even-keeled both on and off of my mat.  As I came to understand the importance of my mindful movement and detached myself further from going upside down, the easier it became to balance on my head, forearms, and hands.  So, for everyone who thinks “I can’t do yoga because I am not flexible,” I could not think of a BETTER reason to give yoga a shot.  Put yourself out there.  The worst thing that can happen, is no different than where you are RIGHT. NOW.  There is a possibility you try yoga and it’s not for you, but maybe, just maybe, you find a tool to ease your thoughts, allow you to be seen, and transform your life.


I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on yoga and your practice (or lack there of)!  P.S. here is a useful guide if you are looking for a new yoga mat to enhance your practice.


Namaste, to your health and happiness