When others hear that I work for myself, eyebrows instantly raise.  Everyone is curious and inquisitive in my shift from my "9-5" to launching my own wellness biz.  I talked about leaving school for a few years before I actually made the change.  Fear constantly held me back.  So many 'what if's', with the biggest---- what if I fail?  I always found an excuse to stay at my job, waiting for some sort of sign.  Then it finally happened.  I kept hearing about the Integrative Institute of Nutrition, and after talking to a girlfriend from college who completed the program, I knew it was time.  Plus, I could complete it while I kept my job at school because it is all online.  The second week into Integrative Institute of Nutrition I knew I was finally ready to go for it and fly, confident it'd be a rocky landing, but I'd survive with both feet flat on the ground.   In my thirty years, I have gone through periods in my life where I felt that no one understood my wellness journey, and worst of all, *not because of anyone but because of my insecurities*, I felt alone.  IIN hit the nail on the head with numerous topics I was curious about.  In addition, emotional and physical triggers became evident and I learned how all the other *stuff* in my life spilled over into my nutrition.    My life began to unfold with each new topic we covered.  Without totally spilling the beans, I'd advise you to learn more about the Integrative Institute of Nutrition.  You can check out a sample class just by clicking here.  I'd love to chat more about what this program has to offer and if it could be of benefit to you.  Let's pencil in a time to chat.  I promise you won't look back! xoxo.