~Lindsey is knowledgeable, encouraging, and made me feel very comfortable.  She guided me to choose healthier, whole foods and reduce the amount of processed foods from my everyday life. Her follow up session notes helped me keep track of my goals that week and her check ins throughout the week reminded me to keep on track.   She offers on support on all aspects of life, not just losing weight.  She also provided support in getting my son to try new foods.  -Annie A.~


~"After my sixth Gastrointestinal surgery, December 2016, I knew I needed some guidance.  After Lindsey surveyed me and listened to my needs, she evaluated my medical history and began a journey for me that not only alleviated worsening symptoms, but helped me lose weight, clear up my skin, and feel like a new person.  I am a new found pescatarian because that is what works for MY body.  I could not be thankful enough for not only her patience, but her kindness and passion to help me on a path to true health for my body and my soul."- Christina A.~


~"Thanks to our conversation and time together in just a single session, I felt more grounded immediately, the extended benefit of which has been the ability to sustain healthy decision-making, even when my routine is disrupted. I am grateful."- Sara A.~