Happy Fry-day!


True story- if I could pick just ONE food to live off forever, and never get tired of it, and also never worry about how it would affect my health, it would be FRENCH FRIES!  Anyone else with me?  I love potatoes, love the crunch and even the salty/sweetness.  I'm not big on the dipping sauces, but that's for another time.  I've been on the search for some way to feel strong about honoring foods that I love, without worrying how processed most French fries are!


So, there we have it- homemade French fries.  Sometimes I use Japanese Sweet Potatoes, but when I went to Trader Joe's they only had sweet potatoes, so I said why not?!  I like to buy smaller potatoes so they are easier to cut (big time-saver)!  You literally cut, toss, spread 'em on a sheet and just wait.  Let me just add, waiting for these babies to cook is the most difficult part of this recipe.  

*This recipe was inspired and adapted from Rachl Mansfield*

Check out the deets for the goods below.


1 bag of sweet potatoes
Cooking oil of choice (I use Coconut oil due to higher boiling point) about 2 tbsp.
Himalayan Sea Salt
Nutritional Yeast
**can add cinnamon if you want a sweeter fry)

1) Wash/scrub sweet potatoes.
2) Trim the edges and cut potatoes into slices.  Throw the potatoes into a large mixing bowl.
3) Melt coconut oil for about 25-30 seconds.
4) Pour coconut oil over potatoes and season with a pinch of sea salt and nutritional yeast.
5) Roast in a skillet on high heat for 4 minutes until the potatoes begin to brown.
6) Transfer potatoes to a cooking sheet and cook on 425 for 40 minutes.
7) Set your oven to a high broil temperature for 3 minutes.
8) Take out of the oven, let cool, top with another pinch of sea salt and nutritional yeast.
9) Attempt not to eat all in one sitting!!!  

Snap a picture of your fries and let me know how they turn out!  Tag me on IG @Lindsey_g_yogi.

Happy cooking ya'll,