Un-Processed Pizza Party

I have never been a pizza person, I thought I just wasn't crazy about the bread/cheese/sauce mixture.  It always made my stomach cramp up, feel gassy, and never filled me up!  Until, I realized it was the ingredients in the pizza, not the meal itself.  I never understood how families had "pizza night" or everyone's favorite school lunches being Domino's Day, and just considered myself the odd-man out.

Since finding out the reason behind my lackluster attitude towards Pizza I have been on the search for pizza that makes me feel full and gives me energy as opposed to all of the side effects attached above.  I have tried a few restaurants in my area that have gluten free crusts made with chickpeas, but real talk, even legumes upset my stomach sometimes and it's always a gamble for me.  But, as I tried more gluten free pizzas I did begin to understand why pizza has bee around for so long and why it is so popular.  I tried the Trader Joe's cauliflower crust- not for me- and so I just gave up..... until.....

A few months ago I discovered Simple Mills.  They make a variety of different box recipes (pancakes, bread, cupcakes... and PIZZA).  I first just bought the pancake/waffle mix, and to be honest it was a HOME RUN.  My fianc√© even preferred this brand to Bisquick!  After a few trials (and wins) with Simple Mills, I tried their cupcakes.  The cupcakes were INCREDIBLE, the icing tasted a little bit off but I'd be willing to try it again with different icing.

And then, the ultimate test, I bought their pizza mix!  After seeing a variety of posts from different gal pals in the health biz share their thoughts, I knew it was time. Their box calls for the addition of a little apple cider vinegar, oil, and water, and makes TWO personal pizzas!  So, last Wednesday was a pizza night. ** P.S. the ingredients that they DO include are all ones we've heard of:  Arrowroot powder, Almond Meal, Chia Seeds, and Cassava Flour.  ** 


On my pizza (pictured above):  leftovers from my meal prep! ---> roasted Brussels, roasted Japanese sweet potato, spinach, nutritional yeast, garlic powder, and oregano.  On Chris's ----> traditional Margarita- Mom's Organic Tomato Sauce and Organic Mozzarella.  

After they were constructed I tossed them in the oven and waited for the magic to come to life.  I thought it was FANTASTIC, Chris thought I could have cooked them a tad longer but he polished off his entire pizza and said he would eat it again! 

Only Disclaimer:  It was SO tasty that even though I was full about 2/3 full I finished off my personal pizza.  I think because of the Almond meal I just felt SO full, so note to self- more self-control on round 2!  Press reply below and let me know if you have any questions or what you topped your pie with!  

May every day be pizza day for you,