3 Ingredients your body will THANK you for this FALL




1)    Pumpkin Puree


You had me at Pumpkins Spi…. No no, Starbucks,  that’s not what I’m getting at here!I  I mean 100% Pumpkin (organic if possible).  Besides the fall coloring of pumpkin, eating pumpkin, can aid with sleep, help protect your heart (beta-carotene), and make you feel full.  Pumpkins are full of beta-carotene, part of what gives pumpkins their orange color (similar to carrots).  Beta-Carotene is a highly powerful antioxidant that is converted into Vitamin A in our bodies, meaning it can help with asthma as well as our vision.  Plus, did you know you can substitute pumpkin pie filling in for butter or oil in desserts?  Here is a favorite pumpkin recipe of my own , or check out MY version of a pumpkin spiced latte on the blog JBOO!


2)    Delicata Squash


As the air becomes chillier and crisper, my body craves savory foods.  Yet, I still find myself wanting something sweet because hey that’s me!  For so long, with the fall air came INTENSE CRAVINGS of processed sugars (you know candy corn, 3 musketeers, peanut butter m&ms), and my October-January was all down-hill.  But then, I realized, if I indulged in warmer savory foods (roasted potatoes, avocadoes, chia seed pudding) with a bit of GOOD fat, I am completely satisfied with what’s on my plate, and my sugar cravings almost completely disappeared.  Delicata squash is fun in color, and even MORE fun to cook, did I mention EASY?  Some squashes, like Spaghetti and Butternut Squash are super tasty but by the time I cut through the squash, I’m exhausted, and starving!  You just cut your delicate in half lengthwise, scoop out the seeds (keep the seeds if you want, but that’s for a later talk) toss in some melted coconut oil and spices, and boom roast in the oven.  Plus, it is high in Vitamin A and C, is low in carbohydrates, and can be easily spiralized into noodles! 


3)    Pears

I recently picked up our CSA Farm share and discovered these sweet little brownish-apple-shaped fruits that were NOT apples.  They are Japanese pears- high in nutrient value (Vitamin K and C) potassium, fiber, and flavor, AND low in calories.  These pears give a nice sweet crisp to any salad (have you checked out my blog post about it? Just sub in the pears for apples)!


What are some of your favorite go-to Fall items?  I can’t wait to hear what works for you and your body!


To your health,


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