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5-day Detox

Hey Ya'll!  Ready to take spring by storm?  Join me for a 5-day detox.  No no no, not the fasting kind- I'm talking all WHOLE, REAL FOODS none of that processed stuff, (and sorry, no wine!), but hey, it's only 5 days!  It all starts Monday 3/26.  Get the early bird pricing of $79 by signing up before 3/15.  You willl get all of the support you need through: e-mail, facebook, a personalized detox guide including a 5-day meal plan!

1- Month Kick Start

Join Lindsey for 4 one-on-one sessions to explore and create healthy, nutrition, wholesome goals using all-natural methods.  Lindsey pairs with clients to make short-term and long term *realistic* goals with lasting effects.  If you are looking to jump start your goals for: more energy, less bloating, and infinite empowerment around the foods you eat and how your daily life stressors impact this, then you and Lindsey will make a fantastic team!  Start with a free 20-minute phone consult to see if this program is right for you. 

*appointments may take place in person or over the phone*

3 Month VIP Package -Rockstar Status

Building new habits and healthy routines takes time.  Lindsey incorporates the entire wellness spectrum of stress, relationships, finances, and much more!  Sometimes every day life feels like we are climbing a mountain!  Learn and understand how to navigate foods that empower and strengthen us.  Break up with the foods that sabotage us and weigh us down.  Join Lindsey for 8 one-on-one sessions spread out over 12 weeks to create short-term and long-term goals.   Whether you strive for fitness routines, meal plans, or need a break down of what works for your body, you build your path towards a more natural and balanced lifestyle.  With Lindsey holding you accountable, you become knowledgeable and unstoppable!  Want to know more before you jump in?  Schedule a 20-minute phone call with Lindsey to get more information. 

*appointments may take place in person or over the phone*