If you are here, I'm guessing you are curious about my story and how the heck I landed here, so.... here it goes!  I am a LOVER of the outdoors (especially the water), the sunshine, and ALL things dogs!   While it's easy to think, sure, she offers health coaching services and tips because she has excellent health and an amazing life, let me tell you, this life, MY life, has been a COMPLETE work in progress, and my nutrition goals and routines are always changing according to what my body is communicating with me.

It all started when I was about 12 years old.   It was then when I found my first love; I fell head over cleats with playing soccer.   Although rather athletic, I chronically suffered from sinus infections and other upper respiratory illnesses.  My life became the ebb and flow of infections and antibiotics; fast forward 8 years later, in my mid 20's, when I developed a variety of food intolerances, none of which any doctor could explain to me.  My body slowly began to give up, and my physical, mental, and emotional health began to suffer. 

As I felt worse and worse, my stress level rose higher, plus my digestion continued to plummet.  On paper it seems like I had it all- I graduated from the University of Virginia, completed my Masters in Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Special Education at George Washington University, and in 2010 somehow landed my dream job (teaching preschool special education with Fairfax County Public Schools).  But... my life still felt empty.  It was nearly impossible to enjoy all that my life offered.  I constantly felt that I was barely getting by and grew confused, disheartened, and yep, even more bloated.  

Until one day, in between sinus infections, I stumbled into a yoga studio.  I learned how to connect with my breath and listen to my body.  I found a whole new me that I never dreamed existed.  And just like that in 2015, my yoga journey began.  I earned my  200-RYT  (the most incredible experience of my life) and incorporated strategies to cope with stress that were not wreaking havoc on my body, or my mind.  As my thoughts became clear, I knew it was finally time to get to the root of my underlying sicknesses (which was now spreading through out my entire body).

Fast forward to a variety of misdiagnoses including Irritable bowel syndrome, Non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and a ton of confused shrugs from allergists, I found a holistic health practitioner and the Integrative Institute of Nutrition.  In case you were wondering, I have gone from 5-7 sinus infections per year to ZERO in addition to no allergy medicine!  I am forever grateful for the opportunity to understand what my body needs and deserves.  I, therefore, know it is my destiny to empower others in establishing balance in lifestyle and nutrition.

Allow me to give you the same blessing and opportunity to find your way back to you.  Click here to schedule a free 20 minute health consultation.

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