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Hey there- I'm Lindsey- a holistic health advocate, wellness educator, and energy expert (in addition to your biggest cheerleader and accountability partner).  I am also a yoga instructor, and indigo dye business owner in Arlington, VA.  I work with clients in person, via skype, or via telephone.

 I work with motivated women and men striving for more balance, more energy, and more healthy habits during everyday life struggles, as opposed to surrendering to stress and digestive issues.

Together, we break down and examine not only what you are eating, but why you are eating, and how it affects all other aspects of life.  Crave salty foods?  Exhausted even though you eat "right" and "sleep enough"?  What is a probiotic?  That "diet" worked for her, I'll try that right?  Here's the crazy  and most interesting part ----> bioindividuality- what works for your body is specific to you and may not work for others, including me!  As we become an unstoppable team, you and me, you will learn to eat more consciously and to make empowered wholesome decisions appropriate for your own body, PLUS, it's simple and fun!

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